BPL Medical Technologies Evolution through India’s Independence

A few decades ago, when Albert Einstein had commented; “It has become appallingly obvious that technology has exceeded our humanity,” the thought seemed a bit far fetched. But looking at the trending ways of technological evolution, the statement made some 5 scores back, now seems so relevant. While specifically talking about technology, medical and health sectors have seen a tremendous boost in India in the past couple of years post-independence.

Amidst a torn apart nation riddled with disease and sickness at the time of the East India Company quitting India, it became clear that there was a need to drive technology passionately towards improving the medical healthcare in India. This necessity was created to be done to push back the specter of various illness that was causing so many to get bedridden or worse face death.

Many organizations did toil and try to come up with technology-driven medical equipment to serve the healthcare sector of the nation, but it was BPL Medical Technologies that stood out the test of time. Under the capable leadership of TPG Nambiar, BPL Medical Technologies was established in a relatively quaint state of Kerala. The objective of establishing the company was to make the world realize that India was fully capable of manufacturing medical equipment.

BPL Medical technologies were successful in launching its first single-channel ECG in 1967. Following the successful attempt to manufacture the first ECG, the company was quick to the catapult its newfound fame to invent many other medical products that eventually proved to be of great service to many leading hospitals.

Through the growing years of medical technology, BPL Medical has designed many varying medical pieces of equipment. The vision that drives BPL Medical Technology is the belief that imagination is more important than knowledge. BPL Medical have managed to embrace and unlock knowledge that has successfully stimulated the processes that have managed them to evolve and create better and complex medical equipment.

As BPL Medical technology approaches the 71st year of independence of India, during this time the company too has grown through leaps and bounds and has seen an astounding growth of 5X and revenue of up to 350 crores and is still escalating. Indian medical sector has not only seen growth but has also created huge interest around the world. BPL Medical Technology has catapulted every moment of opportunity and now the company heads in manufacturing cardiology equipment and manufactures up to 10,000 units of ECG machines per year constituting 40 percent of its revenue of a single division.

As India spearheads into the future, BPL Medical Technology also goes hand-in-glove to grow digitally and embrace new business models to serve as many hospitals in the country.

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