Infusion Pumps: What You Need to Know

A medical infusion pump is a device that helps facilitates in infusing fluids to a patient’s body with close monitoring. With the advancement of infusion pumps through various versions, many infusion pumps are now made available that are being used for different purposes and in different medical scenarios.

The infusion pump is built in a manner to infuse large or small quantities of nutrients and medications. The medications range from infusing antibiotics, insulin and other hormones, chemotherapy drugs, and pain relievers. Peculiar infusion pumps are designed for stationary use that is placed right beside the patient’s bedside. The other kind of infusion pump is known as an ambulatory pump that is small and portable.

Understanding infusion therapy

In an event which the patient is unable to take medications orally, the next alternative is to get the antibiotics into the patient’s body through infusion therapy. The machine device is best in use for patients who are dealing with a chronic condition or maybe unresponsive to medications. Some of the critical diseases include immune deficiency, include cancer, MS, Crohn’s disease. The infusion therapy can be undertaken at home, at hospitals and healthcare centers based on the requirements.

Types of Infusion pumps

Some of the commonly used infusion pumps are;

Enteral Pump helps liquid nutrients and medications to be delivered into the patient’s digestive system.

Insulin Pump comes handy for patients who have diabetes. Insulin pumps are compact and are commonly used by the patient to administer self-dose.

Smart Pump is an advanced version of an infusion pump where the device is assembled with features such as user-alerts. The alert is activated when there is a risk of an excess drug administration.

Smart Pumps versus IV Pumps

Infusion pumps work through manual or mechanical operation or electrical operation. A smart pump falls in the category of electrical operation. They are smart as they are advanced in technology and helps monitor the administration of the drugs through programmed drug libraries. This works to great advantage as it can alert staff members and patients in case of an error in administering the wrong medication or dosage.

Advantages of Smart Pumps

If medication errors are needed to be controlled, then smart pumps are the best bet. The device is designed in a manner to notify any wrong administration of the drug. It also sends alert to the doctor or nurses if the dosage is not aligned with the regulations of the prep programmed drug library. Ensuring such safety procedures using the smart pump improves the patient’s health and thus also takes care of the patient’s safety and minimizes the error of the administrator.

BPL Medical technologies specialises in manufacturing infusion equipment. Such medical equipment has turned out to be a great boon to administer medicinal doses to critically ill patients. BPL Medical Infusion technology such as Acura S1 Syringe pump and Acura V1 Volumetric pump offer an increased magnitude of alertness, concentrated precision, and improved accuracy than the other medical syringe pump counterparts. For more details on the infusion technology, do visit the website.

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