Why You Should Check Your Blood Pressure

To first appreciate the importance of monitoring your blood pressure, one must first understand what blood pressure is all about. Many patients suffering from high blood pressure or Hypertension undermine the importance of monitoring it, which could result in fatal consequences. Hence, let’s first start to understand the critical nature of an increased Blood Pressure

Defining Blood Pressure

The constant beating of the heart is facilitated through continuous pumping of blood. The blood circulating within the body provides energy and oxygen it needs to keep the anatomy functioning. Now, as blood moves, it flows against the walls of the blood vessels, the requisite strength of pushing blood through these vessels is defined as blood pressure.

If the blood pressure is high, it puts extra strain on your arteries (and your heart) which may lead to heart ailments and strokes. Blood pressure is measured in ratio. The ratio numbers are known as systolic BP (the top number) and diastolic BP (the bottom number). Normal blood pressure is considered to be around 120/80 mmHg.

Why are timely checks on blood pressure necessary?

Prevention is better than Cure

How is your sedentary lifestyle affecting you? Also, whether the medications you take are causing more harm than good, monitoring your overall health including your Blood Pressure from time to time is the best way to keep certain factors in check and preventing uncalled health ailments. Also, timely checks on your health can help your doctors derive a better prognosis in case of any illness and prescribe medication accordingly.

Raises Alarm on Unhealthy Lifestyle

Professionals working in a corporate environment dwell more than often on unhealthy habits, eating junk food, meals at irregular time intervals, inconsistent sleep cycles, working for long hours which could all lead to various cardiovascular illnessess. One of the early indicators for heart ailments can be high/low blood pressure. This makes it crucial to consistently monitor your blood pressure levels and maintain a healthy lifestyle

Makes you aware of an early diagnosis

Monitoring your blood pressure on a regular and timely interval can make you aware and keep you prepared for an unforeseen health condition. In this digital age, stress and hypertension are common occurrences in lives of people, increasing the likelihood of them suffering from heart ailments A major problem is people being ignorant or unaware about a shooting Blood Pressure.  It’s, therefore, necessary that you keep a regular check on your blood pressure levels through periodic use of a BP monitor.

Timely blood pressure checks can help doctors monitor bodily functions in an efficient manner which could be of great help in avoiding added pressure to the kidneys and curtail diabetes at an initial stage.

Having better self-control

The best way to keep your health in a good condition is through having a  strong sense of responsibility towards your health. Monitoring your blood pressure at timely intervals gives you a fair idea regarding whether you need to change your diet, increase your physical activity or even consult a physician.

This is necessary for all age groups – including teenagers. Students could possibly be suffering from blood pressure problems as they come under an increasing amount of stress due to academic pressure, performance anxiety, etc. Hence, it is very critical for parents to keep a check on the overall health  of their kids for a healthy future

Avoiding Cardiovascular Disease (CVD)

One of the major causes of global deaths is cardiovascular ailments. The driving factor contributing to these diseases is high blood pressure. Several studies point towards a conclusion that almost 50% of adults suffer from high blood pressure.

In metropolitan and high rate commercial cities hypertension has already become rampantly prevalent with lifestyle changes, obesity, stress, etc. This could be avoided or for that matter controlled through various timely interventions monitoring your blood pressure being the primary and the most easy way to ensure you stay healthy and away from diseases. One needs to comprehend the variances between the types of blood pressure measurement techniques and take steps in the right direction

With medical technology getting more accessible, patients are more informed more aware of the health hazards that they face every day. Prevention, Wellness are concepts being touted to bring in the next change in the healthcare industry.

BPL Medical Technologies is at the forefront of manufacturing portable and user-friendly home health devices, enabling people to start a healthy life from home. BP Monitors, Nebulizers, Thermometers, Pulse Oximeters are few of the devices BPL manufactures in India India, which has been found to have the highest number of hypertensive patients, hence monitoring blood pressure through BP monitors is of supreme significance.

Some of the BP monitors which BPL Manufactures are defined on accuracy, durability and customer experience while keeping their wellbeing at the forefront.

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