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BPL Medical Technologies, the Indian multinational, spearheads pioneering efforts in medical technology and innovation, keeping with legacy since 1967. Synonymous with trust, our products and systems are certified by national and international quality agencies. With our commitment to making in India, our customers experience great quality at unparalleled value. Our high standards of product performance has made us the No.1 choice of hospitals, clinics and practicing physicians across the country.

From 1969, the year we developed and manufactured India’s first Single-Channel ECG, till date, we focus on delivering cutting edge technologies focusing on value addition. We now have a range of products and services in Cardiology, Critical Care, Woman and Child care, Imaging and Home Healthcare.

Through Penlon UK , we bring you expertise in Anesthesia Workstations and Vaporizers as well.

With 12 offices across India and customer care centers with team of over 600 service personnel located even in the farthest corners of the country reflects our commitment to service support- We are always within your reach.

Read more about our products and specialties here and if you’d like to join our team, head over to our careers portal to see some exciting opportunities.

You can always get in touch with us – we’d love to hear a word or two from you!

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