It’s Time to End Tuberculosis

Tuberculosis is an often-overlooked disease. Many might question the importance of learning more about this illness. However, a lack of awareness and preparedness can cause this disease to fast spiral out of control, affecting many immunocompromised communities. So what is tuberculosis, or TB? TB is a communicable disease brought about in people by Mycobacterium tuberculosis... Continue Reading →

Protect Your Lungs- Breathe Safe!

Diwali is one of the most awaited festivals in India. While people look forward to the exchange of gifts and sweets, new clothes, following the traditional rituals, and so on, there are concerns for many related to the bursting of firecrackers and the corresponding air pollution it results into. There is already considerable air pollution... Continue Reading →

Seasonal Influenza: Symptoms and Prevention

Seasonal Influenza (flu) viruses are diagnosed throughout the year but are most common between fall and winter. It is easily contracted by any individual, but young children and elderly people tend to be most susceptible. Easily and rapidly transmitted through contact, crowded areas such as schools and public transport are ideal places for contracting the... Continue Reading →

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