Defibrillators: What Do They Do?

In this digital age, we seem to have more options for entertainment and recreation. However, our hectic lifestyle and inconsistent food habits have made us vulnerable to several diseases and some severe conditions like cardiac arrests. Gone are the days when only people with cholesterol and heart problems suffer from cardiac arrests. There are several... Continue Reading →

Ultrasounds: Not Just for Expecting Mothers!

There are different Imaging techniques like X-rays, CT Scans, etc. which help to identify sources of particular diseases or certain defects in a human body. ‘Ultrasound’ is one of the widely used applications for Expecting mothers and Gynaecology applications. The use of Ultrasound machines is considered safer as they do not involve harmful ionized radiation.... Continue Reading →

Infusion Pumps: What You Need to Know

A medical infusion pump is a device that helps facilitates in infusing fluids to a patient’s body with close monitoring. With the advancement of infusion pumps through various versions, many infusion pumps are now made available that are being used for different purposes and in different medical scenarios. The infusion pump is built in a... Continue Reading →

Infant Care: Infant Warmers and Incubators

In any neonatal intensive care unit, the presence of an infant radiant warmer and incubator and ventilator is a necessity. These devices are essential for proper care of newborn infants, especially in the case of premature babies and babies with health complications. Newborn infants are unable to regulate their body temperature and are at risk... Continue Reading →

Swine Flu: Symptoms and Treatment

Swine flu, also known as H1N1 flu, is a type of influenza virus that usually spread among pigs but in recent years has spread to humans as well. The flu is spread in much the same way as seasonal influenza. The virus spreads when the person infected with virus coughs or sneezes, releasing the virus... Continue Reading →

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